Find out which lessons are best for you!



$40 per lesson

1 hour lessons

Max. 1 student per lesson

Single personalised lesson to work through any skills taught and listed below. Time and location by mutual agreement.


$150 per person

5 weeks [1 hour lessons]

Max. 4 students per lesson

Personalised lessons based on your skate goals! Time and location by mutual agreement.


$15 per 1 hour session

$150 per 10 week pass

Max. 20 students per session

On Monday evenings at Queanbeyan High School Gym there is an indoor skate session with workshops and advice tailored to the students!

Group Sessions

Indoor Group Inline Skate Sessions and Workshops

  • Come along to this beginner friendly group to practise your skating indoors - whatever stage you are up to in your skating journey!

  • I'll be there to provide adjustments and advise to students!

  • Regular workshops and games will be run over the course of the term!

Time: 1 hour per session

Mondays 6.00pm to 7:00pm 

commencing 12th of July.

Cost: $15 per session

Venue: Queanbeyan High School 

Please Note: A National Capital Roller Skating Club Membership is required for participation in this class.

What do we teach?

Curious about what we can offer?

Level 1 - Introduction to Inline Skating

This lesson plan will get you up on your wheels and skating.

We will learn:

  • The key components of skating.

  • How to be safe on inline skates.

  • V-walk and basic stride.

  • Stopping with with a heel brake.

  • Lemon stops.

  • A-frame turns.

  • Parallel turns.

  • Backwards skating.

Level 2 - Beginner Inline Skating Lessons

This lesson plan will assist you developing your introductory skills.

We will learn:

  • T-stops.

  • Spin stops.

  • Improve parallel turns and stops.

  • Safe footpath skating instruction.

  • Crossovers.

  • Backwards crossovers.

  • One leg balance.

  • Forward heel pivot.

Level 1 - Introduction to Slalom

This lesson plan will get you practising beginner slalom manoeuvres.

We will learn:

  • The key concepts of slalom.

  • Lemons.

  • Fish and snake.

  • Forward heel pivot.

  • Backwards fish and snake.

  • Criss-cross.

  • Backwards criss-cross.

  • Mabrouk.


Level 2 - Beginner Slalom

This lesson plan will increase your slalom repertoire.

We will learn:​​​

  • Mabrouk.

  • One foot.

  • Cross-overs.

  • Sun.

  • Side-surf.

  • Crazy and double crazy.

  • Backwards toe pivot.