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Googong netball courts

This location is perfect for all the lessons we offer. There are 6 open netball courts that are very smooth and flat. The transport to the location is a little tricky, but if you are willing to make the trip I would definitely recommend it! The parking is directly next to the courts and is free. There is a public bathroom and shady seating. The courts are very clean from sticks. Sometimes there are people playing sports and riding bikes, but historically there has been plenty of space which is perfect for lessons.


Here is a helpful little list of locations where I can teach! Let me know if you have somewhere else in mind. Always happy to learn about new skate locations!!

Stromlo Criterium Circuit

This location is a cycling circuit that is perfect for learning to skate. There is a large open space in the centre of the track for introduction lessons. The surface is slightly smoother than a road and very suitable for slalom. There is no shade on the track, but there are bathrooms, bubblers and shade next to it. This location may sometimes be booked by other people so I will do my best to ensure it's availability before you make your booking. The parking is free and just upstairs from the track. 


Crace recreation park

This location has 2 basketball courts and a small concrete area where lessons can be conducted. The concrete is smooth, but one court is slightly sloped. The parking is near to the court and free. This venue is fairly popular and often has other people using it at the same time. I would recommend this location for introductory lessons but may become limiting for fitness skaters.

Calwell High School Tennis Courts

This location has 4 caged tennis courts which are smooth with minor bumps. There is sometimes debris on the courts, but it can be easily cleared. This location is perfect for beginners in skating as well as all slalom levels. Parking is difficult as there is a fair walk across grass around the school from the carpark, or you can park on the grass after driving a small dirt track at own risk. There is shade from large trees but no bathrooms or bubblers accessible from the courts. This location is only accessible for lessons on weekends.


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Hassett Park, Creswell St Campbell

This location would be great for learning to skate along footpaths as well as develop basic techniques on the flat area. The paths are usually free of debris. There is space to do slalom, and while not ideal, it is still very good to learn basic tricks. There is free parking all around the park. 

the lake

near questacon

This location is suitable for skaters wanting to become more versatile. The paths are smooth, except for the tiles under the flags themselves. This location is perfect for skaters getting more confident skating along a footpath and those tentative when skating over different surfaces. This location will certainly teach you to become a more versatile skater. This location is not recommended for slalom because the wind often blows the cones away!

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Queanbeyan high school gym

This location is where I hold indoor group lessons with National Capital Roller Skating Club! The floor is smooth which is perfect for beginners and slalom! The parking is free and the gym has bathrooms too. Indoor skating is great because the weather can never interfere! 

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