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Student Agreement

In making a booking with Saturn Skate School, new students agree to:

  • Make their online payment prior to the commencement of private lessons.

  • Make their online payment prior to or at commencement of the group sessions.

  • Recognise that if external factors such as weather or location based restrictions prevent lesson commencement then it is appropriate to reschedule. If rescheduling is not possible than a refund may be granted. 

  • All students under the age of 12 will be accompanied by an adult at all times during the lessons.

  • Be respectful to all other students, teachers and onlookers and contribute to a positive learning environment.

  • Take responsibility for the upkeep of their own gear.

  • You can read our privacy policy here

Gear Requirements

Before attending a lesson with Saturn Skate School, students should confirm that their gear meets the following standards:

Please ensure that all equipment is undamaged. Gear checks will be performed at the beginning of every lesson. If gear does not meet safety standards than adjustments to the lesson will be made and we will do our best to provide advice on acquiring suitable gear. If you are unsure about any gear, feel free to email me and I'd be happy to provide you with advice.

  • Helmet used for cycling or skating.

  • Wrist guards.

  • Knee guards.

  • Skates.

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