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Hey there!

I'm Grace, the creator of Saturn Skate School! I am a passionate inline skater and I believe that everyone can achieve their dreams. 

I am an experienced skater who started on blades and roller-skis in 2015 as off snow training for ski races that I used to compete in for my school. Eventually I realised that that kind of slalom wasn't really for me, and I began practising skating on a small paved area in my backyard most days... at 5am. I was into it, but not into it enough to seek community or push myself to develop the confidence to skate on footpaths and in other areas. 

Grace PFP.jpg

At the time I was inspired by the depiction of Motorball in Alita: Battle Angel, but as this is a fictional sport, I didn't have any aspirations in skating... apart from not falling every time I put on my blades and attempted to feel like my hero from the movie. 

Then, the day came when I discovered slalom freestyle skating. It was the first day of online learning and lockdown in Canberra. I just happened to open YouTube see a video of Sofia Bogdanova at a 2019 Slalom Championship. I clicked immediately... and you should too!

You see! Absolutely incredible! At first I laughingly showed my Mum:  "You reckon I could do that?", to which she said "You've got skates", and that was the beginning of the best journey ever!!  

So, pretty much every day of lockdown, I skated in the nearby cul-de-sac. It was scary to try by myself. At first I learnt crossovers, then tried to slalom between empty juice boxes. It was tricky. It was fun. I was obsessed.


I eventually got the confidence to skate around a path! Funnily enough it was at dawn just after the ANZAC dawn service that everyone participated in on their driveways. Mum walked round the lake with me and I was finally skating!!


I practised through lockdown till my wheels had been scraped bare!  But then of course I learnt to replace them, and rocker them, which made slalom 1000% more fun! When lockdown finished, the social skate group had a meetup and I met other skaters here in Canberra! I totally recommend joining the group by the way! We played roller hockey, I learnt to skate on one foot, and made some amazing friends! 

Additionally, I connected online with Aus Slalom, a Melbourne based skate school who you should definitely follow!

I was so sad that Canberra didn't have a slalom school - let alone an inline skate school - or even anywhere indoors to practise! The nearest I could find was group lessons, tailored to quad skaters, in a hall in Queanbeyan. I inquired and met Deb, the incredible coach there, who encouraged me to come along, meet other skaters and practise slalom on the side as some artistic skaters had their lesson! I am totally grateful for this! You should for sure check out National Capital Roller Skating Club as well!


Basically, there was no one to teach inline, and as a passionate young skater and academic tutor, I decided that it shall be my calling. I will commit myself to learn all that I can about skating, teaching and teaching skating so that I can do my bit to build the inline skate and slalom community here in Canberra! 

So I took my time to learn how to teach! I am now a member of Skate Instructors Association and have my Level 1 Certificate to teach beginner inline and quad skating. 

And so, I am proud to bring Saturn Skate School to Canberra as a learning hub for skaters! 

I aim to teach people of all ages and ability levels to learn to skate for fun! I will be sure to be well prepared for our lessons and events as well as bring you the advice and guidance you need as well as encouragement and support! 

I can't wait to meet all you amazing people and help you find your footing on your skates!

Strap on those skates my friends, I'll see you out on the... court? footpath? rink? (no we don't have one of those)... uh I'll see ya round! 

-Grace 😊

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